The Ortygia Business School Center for Migrationis pleased to announce the first event of OVERSTO – OVERTURN STORIES: How Europe can create good practices of migrant’s inclusion, a 2-years project supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

With this project, Ortygia Business School acts as a HUB for all those researchers, academics, associations, NGOs, social enterprises, coming from all over Europe and municipalities, local politicians coming from Sicily and southern Italy to promote political debate and active closeness between the European level and territories at the boundaries.

The first event of the Project is organized in collaboration with the LSE Institute of Global Affairs and the ALUM Network (Alliance of Leading Universities on Migration) of which Ortygia Business School is Associate Member, and will have three components:

  1. Focus on Libya 
  2. Academic Conference
  3. Citizens’ Dialogue on Europe

Focus on Lybia and Citizen’s Dialogue on Europe are open events, in order to participate, it is necessary to send an e-mail to with Name&Surname, Organization Name/ Private Citizen, name of the event/events you want to attend, by May 15th.

Learn more about the initiative downloading the detailed programme attached below.

Invitation OVERSTO_May 21-23 2018 – ENG