We are happy to announce the birth of the OBS Center for Migration (OCM).

The creation of this center originates from the need to formalize the initiatives on the topic that Ortygia Business School has been supporting ever since its foundation in collaboration with the Institute of Global Affairs of the London School of Economics (LSE IGA) and the Alliance of Leading Universities of Migration (ALUM network).

The mission of the OCM is to act as a hub able to foster dialogue and to create connections among practitioners (associations, NGOs, social enterprises etc.), civil society, local, national and European politicians, academics and researchers.

We are also pleased to announce that Mr. Francesco Aureli, President at OIS (International Observatory on Health) and former Senior Advisor at WHO (World Health Organization) and at the Italian Prime Minister G7 Office on Migration and Health, has been appointed Director of the OBS Center for Migration.

His first assignment will be the scientific coordination of the recently launched Jean Monnet Project on Migrants’ Inclusion which will last 2 years and has been co-financed by the European Commission through the prestigious Jean Monnet Grant.

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