The program has been designed by Ortygia Business School in close linkage with the activities of the ALUM NETWORK (The Alliance Leading Universities on Migration), whose Fondazione Ortygia Business School is an associate memeber. In cooperation with ALUM Network we act as a hub able to involve who works day by day with migrants (associations, NGOs social enterprises, etc.) local politicians, researchers. Our role is to create a link between the academic world and those who face the troubles of migrant’s inclusion paths. The program was conceived to satisfy a demand that Ortygia BS observed during the last two years of activity in Sicily.

Ortygia Business School is a new Institution offering business education in the form of executive courses and high-level meetings between managers, academics and policy makers. Ortygia Business School aims to create a bridge between Europe and the Mediterranean that – through the building of managerial skills – will foster economic development and growth of countries within this area, acting as a catalyst for business initiatives and economic dialogue among cultures.

The OBS Center for Migration, has been established in December 2017 with the aim to act as a hub able to foster dialogue and to create connections among practitioners (associations, NGOs, social enterprises etc.), civil society, local, national and European politicians, academics and researchers.

ALUM is a unique collaboration among leading universities in Europe and frontier refugee recipient countries in North Africa and the Middle East, which aims to help bridge the gap between research and policy in the management of the ongoing migrant and refugee crisis.

ALUM’s network identifies the key units and researchers ready and willing to contribute their expertise to work across national and disciplinary boundaries towards evidence-based policy solutions. ALUM is willing to reason publicly, interact directly with private stakeholders and governmental institutions and, if necessary, engage in closed door negotiations for maximum impact. The alliance now comprises sixteen members.

Through executing targeted events, ALUM engages with policymakers from both frontier and destination countries, including Germany, Italy, Spain, Lebanon and Sweden, as well as UN agencies and European institutions.

ALUM has directly engaged with global policy makers in the context of the G7, G20 and the Global Forum for Migration and Development (GFMD).
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Francesco Aureli
Francesco Aureli Scientific Coordinator/Director
Experienced Senior Manager and Consultant in the International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Migration sectors, with a demonstrated history of working in the international affairs industry and in the public health sector at the global level. Strong consulting professional skilled in Multilateral and Nonprofit Organizations, Migration, Humanitarian Assistance, Sustainable Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Intl Politics.
Lucrezia Reichlin
Lucrezia Reichlin Scientific Commettee Member
Lucrezia Reichlin is Professor of Economics at the London Business School, independent director of UniCredit Banking Group and AGEAS Insurance Group. She is a Fellow (elected) of the British Academy, a Fellow of the European Economic Association a Fellow of the Center for European Policy Research (former research director) and member of the council of the Royal Economic Society.
Francesco Drago
Francesco DragoScientific Commettee Member
Francesco Drago is Professor of Economics at the University of Messina where he teaches core courses in microeconomics and microeconometrics, and a research affilate to the Istitute for the Study of Labor (IZA) in Bonn and the center for studies in economics and finance (CSEF).
Erik Berglof
Erik Berglof Scientific Commettee Member
Professor Erik Berglof became the inaugural Director of the Institute of Global Affairs (IGA) on 1 February 2015. Previously he was the Chief Economist and Special Adviser to the President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).
Lilli Banhzolzer
Lilli Banhzolzer Scientific Commettee Member
Lilli Banholzer took on the professorship for Political Science / Conflict Studies in August 2014 at the University of Mannheim. She is specialised in conducting multidisciplinary and quantitative research projects at the cross-roads of international relations, psychology, peace and conflict studies and economic development.
Nasser Yassin
Nasser Yassin Scientific Commettee Member
Nasser Yassin is the Director of Research at the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs, and Assistant Professor of policy and planning at the Health Management and Policy Department at the AUB. He co-chairs the AUB4Refugees Initiative that brings together and builds synergy among faculty and departments in AUB responding to the Syrian refugee crisis.


Renata Giunta
Renata GiuntaAdministration Coordinator
Renata Giunta is currently EU Funds Advisor for Ortygia Business School. She is specialized in local development policies. Since ten years she has been studying Sicilian economy and SME’s environment taking inspiration for new ideas as to design and implement projects in support of the growth of the region from a social and economic point of view. Her topics of interest are economic analysis and research, design, implementation and management of European projects, regional marketing and competitiveness.
Camilla Fortunati
Camilla FortunatiExecutive Coordinator
Camilla Fortunati is currently Operations Coordinator at Ortygia Business School. Before joining Ortygia Business School, she worked in the Research Department of a global company and for a Business Consulting company. Fortunati received a Master of Science degree in Economics and Social Sciences from Bocconi University.